Cacao Kirtan Ceremony

19. Januar 2019 um 18:00 – 21:00

Dearest Leipzig Family ♥

After the first Cacao Kirtan ceremony last month it’s an honor to offer a second edition to start the month of December in the direction of positivity, love and healing. Ian has been touring the world the past 5 years sharing the gift of his kirtan ceremonies and holistic workshops to not only bring these ancient healing arts to the west but also using these gatherings as a way to raise awareness and funding for Anahata Ma clean water and orphanage support projects. Since 2015 Ian and his community have raised the money build over 20 clean water systems and supported an orphanage of 12 children in southern India.

With the season changing into vata energy (air and space) it’s more important than ever for us to come close together to not only stay warm but to stay grounded and connected to ourselves and each other. With so much transition happening for so many of us we can easily start to come out of our center and lose the feeling of the earth beneath us and this is when we need our community the most. With this ancient practice of group mantra chanting with the support of Cacao we can easily come back to the truth, back to the heart and move forward into the new with grace and ease 🙂

With that said I invite you to join us for an evening of chanting and togetherness with our dear companion the sacred cacao medicine to not only open and heal ourselves but to bring support to tribal families in India. I will be making a special Cacao based on Ayurvedic principles using specific herbs to balance the body and mind in the autumn season. We will also be joined by the angelic voice and beautiful energy of Julia Mondello ❤

We have limited space of 20 people so please make sure to let us know you are coming by email to and we will respond to confirm your space.

WHEN: Saturday December 1st from 6 to 8pm
WHERE: Sin und Sein Zschochersche Str. 2, Leipzig
COST: Minimum 15 Euro donation with option to give extra to support the Anahata Ma Project ♥
WHAT TO BRING: A cup for Cacao and your open heart, we have everything else you will need for a comfortable and beautiful ceremony experience.

ॐ What is Kirtan ॐ
Kirtan is an ancient spiritual practice originally from the yogic and Hindu traditions of India and considered a practice of Bhakti Yoga or the Yoga of devotion. In a kirtan sanskrit mantras are set to beautiful melodic music created and lead by the Kirtan band and sung together as a group with the collective intention to invite healing and positive energy into the body mind and soul as a way to experience God or a higher state of consciousness. Through the music the group becomes unified in purpose and harmony to release, let go and experience a state of oneness and deep togetherness through the chanting and devotion. These ancient mantras when chanted with conviction and faith vibrate beyond the physical into the energetic body and automatically open the heart for healing and loving kindness energy to flow freely in the body, mind and soul of the individual and simultaneously the group. It’s an incredibly healing experience.

ॐ What is Cacao ॐ
A special Cacao medicine will be prepared before the Kirtan and given to all during the opening chanting and meditation. Cacao is a sacred medicine that has been used by tribes in central and South America for thousands of years as a way of opening the heart and connecting families and tribes together and to the earth.

ॐ What is Anahata Ma ॐ
Anahata Ma is a grassroots charity organization and community of healers and teachers sharing their gifts by donation around the world to fund the construction of clean water systems and orphanage support in Southern India.

ॐ What has Anahata Ma done ॐ
In the past 2 years we’ve hosted donation based yoga, meditation and music therapy classes, kirtans, along with other peaceful gatherings in five countries across two continents to raise the funding to build clean water systems, support orphan children and develop sustainability in the tribal villages of Kerala, South India.

Since we started in 2016 we’ve raised over 20,000 Euro and have built over 20 clean water systems which now supply nearly 400 families with clean water for the next two generations of family.

At the Canan Children’s Home, an orphanage of 12 boys in Kerela South India, we supplied food, healthcare repairs to home, taught english, yoga and music classes the last two years.

To learn more visit or to join our family feel free to reach out by emailing us at 🙂

ॐ About Ian ॐ
Ian is originally from North America and has been living and traveling throughout South America, South East Asia and India the past 7 years. Having lived with indigenous tribes in the Amazon to ashrams and monasteries throughout India and Asia Ian now travels sharing the healing practices of yoga, yoga therapy, Buddhist meditation, medicine music and Cacao Kirtan ceremonies around the world. Ian started the grassroots charity project and community Anahata Ma to build clean water systems and support an orphanage of 12 children after a strong encounter with impoverished orphanages and tribal villages in Southern India in 2016. Ian is part time based in Berlin Germany during the summer months but continues to travel globally throughout the year giving workshops and classes to support the projects of Anahata Ma and also spend time with his teachers.

We hope to see some of you there for a beautiful evening of healing practice and may all of you and your families be well and peaceful in body and mind ♥

With Love,
The Anahata Ma Family